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Aaaaaaaaaand, I figured I should let you all know about some of the other fabulous events leading up to and during the Portland Zine Symposium...

In other news, Jeff's visit to Portland was pretty rad. My housemate, Ashley, let Jeff use his bike while he was here, so we biked all around, got some work on comics done (not as much as we should have, apparently we get more done separated), ate a lot of yummy food, and majorly celebrated Canada Day (with poutine from Potato Champion, pies from Whiffies, and karaoke). When he first got here, I still have to nanny for a few days, but then the family went on vacation, which freed up my time.

Jeff left Saturday morning and I spent the 4th of July with my neighbor friends (one who I've started seeing, Dan) and neighbor Dan and I biked to the Steel Bridge to watch fireworks in addition to bbqing and fire blowing.

Today is my last day off from nannying and the past few days I have gotten tons and tons of PZS work done, which is a relief, but not so much work done on comics..

I am feeling like life is moving too fast, there's too much that I want to do, all the time.

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