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yesterday, colleen, april, jim, daniel and i went to the river, it was awesome fun! we swam in the cool water, put sunblock on each other, drank sodas, ate snacks skipped stones (jim is really good at that) and had a nice time. it was almost perfect. i need to buy sandals before i go next time, because i took off my sneakers to walk along the beach and my feet got burned, literally! also, the river is really rock in spots, so my burned feet got to' up! it was all worth it though, and i learned that the river + cool friends + sandals will equal the perfect day..
i also got a tiny bit of color. for me, anyways.
also, sometime we ought to bring tubes and float down the river. that'd be sweet.

after the river, we had food and drinks at the tin shed (happy hour all day sundays!). it was yummy and fun, of course!

in other news, someone left the tv on and, omg, the power rangers are on!

p.s. you might be missing something..

Tags: friends, intimates
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