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Another glib update..

I finally wrote the first words in my word bubble based on the poll and

whatdowedo_06_14_09 / ohrighthighfive_06_14_09 / highfive_06_14_09 /

Also, Jeff and I have still been posting "Portland LOVES Vancouver" which you can keep up to date on flickr or facebook (at 3 updates, we felt it was fair to give it a facebook fanpage),


(click for a larger version)


The Zombie Cycle Outbreak ride during Pedalpalooza was a lot of fun (I even tape a loudspeaker to my bike rack and moaned brains as we were riding from bar to bar), I didn't take any pictures (too busy being the leader), but I am sure there are some somewhere on the internet.. Let me know if you find them.

Tonight, Jeff is coming in from Canada tonight and staying until Saturday morning and I am terribly happy about it. A solid week of nurturing hangout time, comics, and awesome. If any of you want to go grab coffee/dinner/etc. with us to meet him, just let me know.

Yesterday, I breifly checked out MCBF (I have been to it enough years that I no longer feel the need to be there the whole time) and made sure to catch the Unicycle Bastards doing their unijousting, which was awesome. I really need to practice unicycling more so that I can join those guys on the unipolo court soon, they're a lot of fun to hang out with.

Right now I am at Tiny's in SE having a work date with BFF Kevin, BFF John, and Dave, working on some lettering..


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Jun. 29th, 2009 12:28 am (UTC)
Awesome sauce! Mine's first! Put it to good use and high five a stranger for me.
Jun. 30th, 2009 09:35 pm (UTC)
I high fived a BFF, but the words have long since washed away. I could always write them again...
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